Hutt Aviation’s dedication in providing the best Aircraft Management Services.

Are you getting ready to buy a brand new aircraft but aren’t sure that you’re making the right decision? Do you already have an aircraft but are unfortunately starting to find out that it requires a bit more time, energy and money than you originally had in mind?

Maintenance, crew training, salaries, hangar space and more are all mandatory, day to day functions of owning an aircraft that unfortunately catch many people off guard. Instead of tackling all of these issues on your own, let Hutt Aviation manage your aircraft for you. Doing so allows us to take a bit of that responsibility off of your plate and show you how much of an asset (and an all-around enjoyable experience) owning an aircraft truly is.

Aircraft management services offered by Hutt Aviation can be broken down into the following categories:

Aircraft Acquisition

Trained and passionate representatives from Hutt Aviation will handle all pre-purchase inspections on your behalf to help make sure that you’re purchasing the highest quality aircraft possible. We’ll also perform all log book inspections and will manage the intricate details of the acquisition process so that you don’t have to. Instead of trying to buy the aircraft on your own, you can leverage our knowledge and experience into a significantly better deal.

Flight Crew Services

Hutt Aviation will handle all training for your flight crew to help make sure not only that they’re highly qualified individuals, but that they also have unique, personalized experience with the type of aircraft that you’re actually buying. We’ll also handle crew management on an ongoing basis to help make sure that you’re flying with people that you can trust.

Maintenance Management

In many ways, maintenance management on an aircraft isn’t that dissimilar to a traditional car. You need to check your oil, change your fluids and keep things in tip top shape to help have the safest craft possible. Hutt Aviation will handle all evaluation and inspections to make sure that any issues that develop with your aircraft are addressed as quickly as possible. We’ll also keep track of all maintenance intervals so you always know exactly what was done, when it was performed and what you’re looking at down the road.

Record Keeping

One of the most difficult aspects of owning an aircraft for many owners involves the huge amount of records that need to be kept. Hutt Aviation will handle all fuel tracking, operating expenses, crew expenses and more so that you always know where ever dollar is being spent. We’ll also leverage our relationships with vendors to your benefit to provide discounted fuel pricing moving forward.

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